Cost Analysis and Sustainment of Electronic Systems Blog


Of all the inhibitors to achieving a market for new technologies, the demonstration of cost savings is paramount.


In today’s world, every engineer in the design process for an electronic product is tasked with understanding the economic tradeoffs associated with their decisions.


The Electronics Systems Cost Modeling Laboratory (ESCML) at the University of Maryland develops modeling methodologies and tools that address all aspects of the life cycle cost of electronic systems from hardware fabrication and software development through sustainment and end of life.  The ESCML currently has programs that address:


ESCML Electronic Part Obsolescence web site detailing research in obsolescence forecasting, design refresh planning, viability and lifetime buy forecasting.


Sustainment/Sustainability Definition




The ESCML is part of the CALCE Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland.


Last updated:  December 21, 2016