Table of Contents (571 pages)

Chapter 1 Introduction

Part I Manufacturing Cost Modeling
Chapter 2 Process-Flow Analysis
Chapter 3 Yield
Chapter 4 Equipment/Facilities Cost of Ownership (COO)
Chapter 5 Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
Chapter 6 Parametric Cost Modeling
Chapter 7 Test Economics
Chapter 8 Diagnosis and Rework
Chapter 9 Uncertainty Modeling - Monte Carlo Analysis
Chapter 10 Learning Curves

Part II Life-Cycle Cost Modeling
Chapter 11 Reliability
Chapter 12 Sparing
Chapter 13 Warranty Cost Analysis
Chapter 14 Burn-In Cost Modeling
Chapter 15 Availability
Chapter 16 The Cost Ramifications of Obsolescence
Chapter 17 Return on Investment (ROI)
Chapter 18 The Cost of Service
Chapter 19 Software Development and Support Costs
Chapter 20 Total Cost of Ownership Examples
Chapter 21 Cost, Benefit and Risk Tradeoffs
Chapter 22 Real Options Analysis

Appendix A Notation
Appendix B Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
Appendix C Discrete-Event Simulation (DES)

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