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Course Notes on Manufacturing and Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Electronic Systems
Peter Sandborn

CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 20742

Understanding the cost ramifications of design, manufacturing and life cycle management decisions is of central importance to businesses associated with all types of electronic systems.  These course notes meld elements of traditional engineering economics with manufacturing process and sustainment modeling to form a practical foundation for predicting the cost of electronic products and systems.  Various manufacturing cost analysis methods are presented including: process-flow, parametric, cost of ownership, and activity based costing.  The effects of learning curves, data uncertainty, test and rework processes, and defects are also considered.  Life cycle topics include sparing and availability analysis, warranty cost analysis, and obsolescence.

These course notes use real life scenarios from integrated circuit fabrication, electronic systems assembly, substrate fabrication, and systems support as examples of the application of the cost estimation methods.

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